Voices from Beyond

Verein „Tonbandstimmen-Forscher Hamburg e.V.“
Association "EVP researchers Hamburg e.V." founded in 1990

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Left: Friedrich Jürgenson (1903-1987), the discoverer of the"EVP" (Electronic Voice Phenomenon).

Video film about F. Jürgenson "The Bridge to Immortality" Now on DVD! (German sound)

Right: Dr. Konstantin Raudive (1903-1974), 1st scientific author.

Supernatural voices are a sign of life after death. We have numerous examples that teach us that man continues to exist when the body passed. Purpose of the Association EVP researchers Hamburg (TFH) eV is the so-called voices phenomenon, witnessed already in antiquity, which can be studied by modern recording techniques. The association will investigate it further and spread the contents of the voices obtained by the statements. The management of the club lies in the hands of Dipl.-Ing. Gerhard Helzel, which is trained by the Technical University of Karlsruhe.

Video Clips in English free of charge:

Voice Record without wireless

How to use the Ultrasonicus. For Windows XP (wmv file 851 kB).

How come radio voices into being? For Windows XP(wmv file 827 kB)

Raudive. Film about the first scientist who explored the voice phenomenon. For Windows XP(wmv file1.48 MB)
Voices from Antiquity. For Windows XP (wmv file 2,2 MB)

The Ultralator. A voice generator for the demonstration of the voice phenomenon (wmv file wmv 4,2 MB)

Record by Voice Tracer 7780. Voices for everyone. For Windows XP (wmv file 700 kB).

Voices from Antiquity. For Windows ME and XP (wmv file 2,2 MB)

All 5 are currently downloadable from the internet. Besides this, are to have on a DVD in high quality for Euro 10, - + 4, - port.


1) "Ultrasonicus III", a voice-capture device that works like a microphone, but has also an ultrasound capsula which adds a further higher frequency. Here particularly good voices without any radio admixture are possible.

For a registration, one has to add a mixed energy spectrum, in the sonic and ultrasonic range, which is usually generated by a kind of tuning fork (pencil tip, vibrating metal threaded axle M 3). Price: about 250 to 400 Euro, depending on the number of manufacturing.

2) "Ultrasonic Transmission facility" (right): with this attachment, ultrasound is transmitted and received back at a certain distance. The experiments were promising, so that the "Ultralator" was built. No further production.

3) The "Ultralator" (left): Whereas the energy for the "Ultrasonicus III" (see above) must be provided by hand, the energy spectrum is generated here on electromagnetic manner. Very sophisticated circuitry. The operation is very easy, however: there must be only ensured that a button is to be turned with a little patience, good hearing and good luck. Voices that are created with the "Ultralator" are high, such as girls' voices. They are usually difficult to be understood by older men. Young people hear the voices but very good.

Gerhard Helzel demonstrated the "Ultralator" in the show "Extra 3" of the North German Broadcasting Company (Fig. right). Free video clip:

4) Microphone Recommendation: If one does not have the above devices, one can also achieve very good results with a highly amplificating electret microphone. (Such microphones have their own power supply in the form of an electric baby cell, easily recognizable by the on-off switch.) It is the microphone EVR 100 from Sony (high gain of 10 mV / Pascal) is particularly recommended.

Note: For recording and excellent filtering of voices by the computer, we recommend the program "Goldwave".

Scientific questions of voice recording:

"Can a dead man speak?" Answer: You can hear the answer that they are dead. But we must not explain the voices as crazy, if you want to reply with the church: for example, it is so that Moses and Elijah talking with Jesus (the so-called "transfiguratio" = "Transfiguration," Lucas 9.30 ). It is very naive, but the "inner voice" of the prophets with the externally (by ear) audible voice has been mistaken. But with the "transfiguratio" is also mentioned that occurred an externally audible voice: "Thou art my beloved Son ..." Even the heathen had witnessed such voices. Especially worth mentioning is that the word "money" is derived from a supernatural voice. Juno, the supreme Roman goddess, warned the Romans that it was built in honor of the temple of Juno Moneta "(= Juno, the admonisher). In that temple was later the mint, so that the words "mint" and "money" are derived from "moneta".

CD of voices: 41 examples of paranormal voices (mostly in German, but also in Latin, Sanskrit, 1 in Old Greek, 1 in Old Egyptian): a) via radio, b) on the "Ultrasonicus", c) on the "Ultralator. Only Euro 7.50 + 4.00 postage in Europa (America 8.-).

Voice Examples:

To listen please click on the blue highlighted text:

a) voices that were received via radio:

Wir korrespondieren doch nachher
We still correspond afterwards

When asked: "Father, please answer!" now hear this response.

Hier ist Raudive Here is Raudive
Dr. Konstantin Raudive reported frequently this, with typical bass voice.

Olga testete ja die Millionen
Olga indeed tested the millions
Olga is presented more accurately in the book "The Good Voice".

Ba, Ka, Re reduc
Ancient Egyptian and Latin: "Bring back the soul, life force and the sun."

Recieved with a simple condenser microphone:

Hier der Raudive"Here the Raudive"
scraping with a fork in cup.

b) Voices with the "Ultrasonicus" (without wireless)

Elvira hier Elvira here
Unknown to me, Elvira reported sic.

Mata Harau
Sanskrit: "Mata (is) in Hari."

An unknown doctor-engineer logs.


Vater Father

Überall fast nur Rosen
Throughout almost all roses

Erna, toter Mann, Erna
Erna, a dead man, Erna

Amen(1) Amen (2)

Ich schaff' bei Goethe
I work at Goethe

Macht auch der Kanzler, hockt daheim
Makes also the Chancellor, sitting at home

Voices by a generator showed the researcher Hans Otto Koenig already in 1983. Historical sound film recording, wmv file, 1.6 MB (German sound).

Adress of the association: Gerhard Helzel, Timm-Kröger-Weg 15, 22335 Hamburg, Tel 040-505374

Connection to the home page of the "Association for Trans-Communication Research" http://www.vtf.de

Holland site about the voices from the Beyond: www.evp-voices.com